I’ll be at the Saugerties Animal Shelter Psychic Fair, July 23, 2022

Perfect together: Animal Communication sessions + fundraising for my local animal shelter. Yay!

One of the local shelters I volunteer at, Saugerties Animal Shelter, is holding a Psychic Fair as a fundraiser. I am participating that day.


What’s the connection? I’m a volunteer there. And.

My first Animal Communication teacher, Dawn Hayman, reminded us that shelter and rescue animals dearly need to be heard by animal communicators. They arrive at shelters as a mystery, to some extent, depending on the circumstances of their rescue.

I agree completely. Utilizing Reiki energy healing, as well as animal communication services, are options that a forward-thinking shelter or rescue needs to have available, in my opinion.

So yes, many animals arrive with their medical history on paper.

They may make their behaviors clear on arrival, and in the days and weeks after their arrival.

But–what else might an animal desperately need us to know about them?

The way to learn more about a shelter animal? Ask them directly:

  • What bothers them right now?
  • What are they thinking about, and what do they need during this time?
  • How else can we help them?

Whatever it is that animals share with us animal communicators is valuable information that only they know. This info is added to the entire picture.

The goal?

To help animals be their best selves, and to find the perfect families for them. Okay.

I support several shelters and other independent rescuers in the Hudson Valley with both Animal Communication and Animal Reiki services (they are completely different services, of course, which I make sure to explain in full). Of all the shelters I support, I regularly volunteer at two of them.

Saugerties Animal Shelter is one of those shelters. They are raising money for their new shelter building, and this is one of their many fundraisers in 2022 to achieve the goal!

The future Saugerties Animal Shelter

The Future Saugerties Animal Shelter

  • I’m offering 15-minute Animal Communication sessions for this SAS fundraiser over 10 days, July 23-August 1
  • AC sessions will be in-person on the day of the Psychic Fair, July 23, 10 AM to 3 PM
  • When the Fair is finished at 3 PM on July 23, my fundraising continues for 9 more days!
  • All sessions booked for July 24-August 1 will be over the phone, by appointment
  • All AC sessions for this 10-day fundraiser will be $25 for 15 minutes
  • The proceeds from the purchase of each AC session during these 10 days will be doubled by a 1:1 match, courtesy of an anonymous donor. So, every $25 session purchased will be matched by an additional $25. Win-Win!
  • 100% of proceeds raised go to Saugerties Animal Shelter
  • Have your 15-minute AC session in 2 ways:
  1. Attend in person on 7/23, Saugerties Animal Shelter, 1765 Route 212, Saugerties, NY 12477  OR
  2. Contact me for appointments, to be scheduled between July 24-Aug 1. Reach me by email: lizwassell@gmail.com or call/text: (917) 513-5993
  • Pets don’t need to be present at the Fair on July 23, but they are most welcome if they do come with you
  • Limit of 2 pets per any AC session, please
  • Pets can be in body or in Spirit. I will receive their messages for you, no matter where they are.

Come to the Psychic Fair on Saturday, July 3, 10 AM to 3 PM, support Saugerties Animal Shelter, and have a great time!

Me and Cherish, the Saugerties AS mascot

Me and Cherish, the Saugerties AS mascot 🙂