About Reiki

Every living thing is filled with the energy of the Universe: Reiki.


About Reiki

Reiki (Ray-KEY)

Rei — subtle, mysterious, sacred, ethereal, spiritual

Ki — life force energy

Every living thing is filled with the energy of the Universe: Reiki.

Reiki means the subtle energy of the Universe, and it also refers to the system of consciously working with this same energy (called “Ki” in Japan).

You live in China, you say? There it’s known as “Chi.”

What about India? Hindus call it “Prana.”

Hawaii? It’s “Mana.”

The Sufis? “Baraka.”

The ancient Egyptians? “Ka.”

The energy is the same, no matter what the name. This subtle energy of the Universe is everywhere and gives us all life.

When you surrender to the bliss of a Reiki treatment you’ll feel “one” with everything. It feels as though you are everywhere at once.

When receiving Reiki your cares fall away. You’ll find yourself in a deep state of  balance and profound rest. The “Oneness” with everything means that your entire being receives healing: your mind, body, and spirit.

Your past, present, and future receive this benefit simultaneously. Your connection to time and space is released during your treatment. What is left? You, in your natural state of perfect, peaceful rest, while the Reiki silently restores your ability to heal, feel joy, and recover your spirits.

The gentle system of Reiki treatment perfectly and safely complements any conventional healing modality. You continue with your usual doctor appointments, treatments and medications. Reiki is not an alternative healing method, but a complement, in other words.

What Can We Claim About Reiki?

Reiki helps with stress, helps with sleep, and helps with pain. You will relax your mind, body, and spirit.

Best of all, Reiki has its own higher intelligence, since it emanates directly from the Universe. Allow yourself to give in to its peaceful relief, and the Reiki will flow to precisely where it’s needed — to the root of a problem, always for your highest good.

A Reiki practitioner never directs the energy, but only asks it to flow … the Reiki quietly does it all.


How Often Do We Practice Reiki?

It's the quality of your practice that counts. Practice every day!

Hyakuten Inamoto is the founder of Komyo ReikiDo, a Japanese Reiki lineage that emphasizes spiritual growth.

Inamoto Sensei reminds us that our spiritual growth determines our Reiki energy level. In other words, our Reiki energy is cultivated by our spiritual level, not by our Reiki certificates.

The more regularly we practice, the deeper the Reiki energy leads us, and more we grow in our spiritual lives.


So What Does a Regular Reiki Practice Look Like?

Reiki practitioners each have their own routines for regular practice.

Many will meditate upon or chant the 5 Precepts, once or twice daily.

There are so many additional meditations to use in one's practice, as Kathleen Prasad teaches in the Let Animals Lead® method of Reiki.

Many will practice self-Reiki by quietly sitting in meditation and putting their hands on themselves using various hand positions.

Others may practice self-Reiki by sitting in meditation, hands-free. (Animals enjoy joining us in this practice, since they can freely choose to sit or stand near us and receive the energy.)

How Did It All Start?

The system of Reiki originated in 1920s Japan, developed by Mikao Usui.

Reiki was then brought to the West in the 1930s. From then on the system of Reiki has been taught and practiced in one form or another, all over the world. More Reiki history here.

Animal Reiki

Subtle the Reiki energy may be, but animals are highly sensitive to their surroundings

Komyo ReikiDo

A traditional Japanese Reiki lineage originated by Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei