The Secret Thoughts of Pets

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The Secret Thoughts of Pets

Here Comes Psychic Fair Season!

June 2, 2023

In 2022 I was introduced to the world of psychic fairs –2 of them, to be exact. Both fairs were fundraisers for–and hosted by–Saugerties Animal Shelter. A new adventure! I had a great time at both fairs, conducting one in-person animal communications session after another, all day. I got a chance to meet clients and…

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I’ll be at the Saugerties Animal Shelter Psychic Fair, July 23, 2022

June 25, 2022

Perfect together: Animal Communication sessions + fundraising for my local animal shelter. Yay! One of the local shelters I volunteer at, Saugerties Animal Shelter, is holding a Psychic Fair as a fundraiser. I am participating that day. What’s the connection? I’m a volunteer there. And. My first Animal Communication teacher, Dawn Hayman, reminded us…

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Reiki for Animals During a Disaster

February 13, 2022

For 8 years, my county’s Animal Response Team had been planning and preparing to respond to a disaster. We formed our team knowing this is what we wanted to do. We didn’t know exactly what that might look like. We only knew the day would come when our county would experience a disaster that affected…

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During Which Time We Saw Seals, Whales, and a Fox Running an Errand

October 7, 2019

We recently returned to Cape Cod for a Fall weekend. Joy, joy! The “goal,” besides eating the squeaky-fresh shellfish we’d dreamed of all year, was to see seals. Lots of seals. Hopefully whales and other marine animals, too. But not from a boat this time.  Would we get lucky by standing on the shore and…

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Oreo’s Story

March 13, 2018

I first noticed Oreo in June 2017 in the Ulster County SPCA’s sick room, quietly sitting in her cage, head down and drooling a bit. She was around 10 years old, healthy on arrival at the shelter, but over time she developed illnesses. Sweet and listless, Oreo’s appetite was poor. Her mouth, with its sores,…

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Gandalf, adopted from the UCSPCA in November 2011. Photo by Justin Schmidt

Out of the Darkness

January 28, 2018

Gandalf I adopted Gandalf in 2011 from the Ulster County SPCA. He was rescued along with 32 other cats by the shelter’s Humane Law officers and shelter staff from an abandoned house in Plattekill, southern Ulster County, with interior walls that were slick with mold and every surface clotted with filth. Those awful living conditions…

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